Goodpatch ♥s new stuff: October roundup of our favorite services, apps, and design

icebergs 2

This month our roundup comes a little late as we are practically in November. By tomorrow Christmas illuminations will start popping up all over Tokyo — a little bit early, perhaps, but beautiful all the same. We certainly already feel the holiday spirit in the air here. And now moving on to what you came here for: our favorite new apps, web services, and more for October!

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An lyrics catalog app that allows you to both search for lyrics from their expansive library (over 7 million in 32 languages!) or even identify lyrics from the radio and television. If you have an Apple TV, you can even use the app to set up a makeshift karaoke in your living room. The premise of the app is easy to understand through the funny promotion video about an office worker being ostracized because he can’t keep up with fast-paced country lyrics of his co-workers.


A camera app for or taking 3D photos. Check out a picture from their official tumblr below. Pretty cool.

An app from IDEO that is not unlike the popular RoadMovies. Spark enables you take various short clips, connect them all together, and add music for a complete mini movie. The interface design is simple and avoids becoming an interference when filming.


A music player app that has an iOS 7-ish design. Easy to use with gestures (swipe left to playlist, right to queue) and an uncluttered interface.

A task managing app that takes to-do lists to another level. The interface is very visual and allows for detailed fine-tuning of tasks, while remaining simple and intuitive. We especially like how easy it is to erase lists with a simple tap&hold.


A mailing application for Macs. Unlike other mailboxes that organize your mail by timestamp, Unibox organizes mail by people.

Web Services


A new blogging platform from the former Deputy Head of the WordPress UI team that promotes itself as being “just for blogging”. You can currently download Ghost and install it on your own server. For those without a server, Ghost promises their hosting services will be coming very soon.


A sort of ‘Github’ for music that allows for collaborative work in creating songs.


Icebergs 2

We’ve introduced Icebergs before in the past, but Icebergs 2 is the latest update. Icebergs allows you to save images, texts, and videos while you browse online. You can also use Icebergs to organize your own files to easily share and collaborate with others.

A design collaboration tool from KDDI Web Communications. Especially useful for design checks, images can be lined up for easy comparison and users can add comments to specific points on the graphics.

A development tool that enables you take a picture of a sketch drawn a piece of paper and turn it into an app. You can adjust the layout, add links, and more. Unfortunately, this app hasn’t been launched yet — it’s actually a Kickstarter campaign! And as of October 10th, the project has been fully funded so we are looking forward to seeing the app soon.

Google Web Designer

google web designer
An HTML5/CSS banner and animation tool by Google. Create banners and animations with the visual interface and the program will give you the HTML5/CSS code equivalent. If you want to edit the code itself, you can also switch to the code view screen. The interface looks like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator so it should be easy to jump in and try it out.


Full Screen Mario

Nintendo fanboys rejoice! Now Super Mario on your browser from anywhere. What’s even more amazing is that this Super Mario is entirely built from HTML5. You can even add your own stages — which means that the time you can spend on this site is virtually limitless.

Design Principles FTW

A site collecting various design principles from many top companies such as Apple and Google. We recommend taking a perusal.

Revolutionary User Interfaces

Revolutionary User Interfaces
A site that timelines the evolution of user interfaces, starting all the way back from the 1600s. An interesting history lesson for UI.


The site of a Denmark-based web design company. Scroll to venture deeper into the office for the full tour, starting from the front door. Really interesting — it almost feels like watching the intro to a sitcom! See if you can find the internet-famous jumping cat at the end.

A cool wearable device from Tokyo that links the physical world with the digital for shortcut communication. With the ring on, you can write letters into the air and make gestures to control your smartphone or television. Will this be the One Ring to rule them all?

TED-Ed: Rapid Prototyping Google Glass

A TED-Ed lesson by Google X’s Tom Chi on the rapid prototyping of Google Glass. It took his team 1 day to make the initial prototype (which involved using a coat hanger, plexiglass, and a netbook). “Doing is the best kind of thinking.”

Recent useful articles (in Japanese)

If you can read Japanese or have the patience to use Google Translate, here’s a few articles we found to be particularly interesting.

Why does it feel natural to use an iPhone? The world of physical interaction.

ZIBA’s business designer Hamaguchi Hideshi and his simple diagrams and frameworks

ZIBA is an Oregon-based design consulting company. For our English readers, you may find this interview with Hamaguchi Hideshi to be more useful: Interview with Hideshi Hamaguchi, inventor of the USB Stick

A collection of initial business proposals from Japan’s most successful web services

Comparing two Japanese flea market-type apps: Fril and Merukari

Hope you had a good October and see you again in November! Have a Happy Halloween!


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